Solutions for Wastewater Lagoon Optimization and Troubleshooting
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New Wastewater Lagoon Book!

Discover new tools you can apply immediately to optimize your wastewater lagoon's performance, and keep pace with tough new permit limits

In this guide you'll discover proven methods, techniques,
and strategies you can use now to get:

  • More BOD reduction
  • Better TSS removal
  • Odor control
  • Sludge reduction
  • Increased nutrient removal
  • And more years of dependable service from your existing wastewater lagoons.

Avoid spending thousands on upgrades or millions on a new
activated sludge system by getting more from the system you
already have. With this indispensable new tool you'll discover:

  • How to remove the greatest deterrent to your wastewater pond's treatment performance
  • The keys to getting greater control over your wastewater lagoon system to remove more BOD, TSS, and sludge
  • The 11 possible causes of high BOD and their 50 possible solutions
  • The 7 possible causes of TSS problems and their 44 possible solutions
  • How to troubleshoot nitrogen removal problems
    ...and so much more

Build effective diagnostic and problem solving skills that will increase your value as a wastewater lagoon operator

Helping you keep pace with constant change
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